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With more than 2000 images (and counting), the PAMJ Clinical Medicine is the largest, ever expanding collection of clinical images in Africa. Images are submitted by clinical practitioners around the world to share unique clinical features for knowledge sharing and medical practice and training. Images in clinical Medical are published and under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).
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Angiomyolipome hépatique
Karim Ibn Majdoub Hassani, Tarik Souiki
PAMJ. 2013; 16: 107. Published 19 November 2013

Xeroderma pigmentosum et dermoscopie
Kawtar Inani, Fatimazahra Mernissi
PAMJ. 2013; 16: 105. Published 18 November 2013

Osteoblastoma arising from the orbital roof
Zouheir Hafidi, Rajae Daoudi
PAMJ. 2013; 16: 101. Published 17 November 2013

Severe Varicella in adult
Loubna Benchat, Fatima Zahra Mernissi
PAMJ. 2013; 16: 98. Published 16 November 2013

Os iliaque en nid d’abeille
Rhizlane Berrady, Wafaa Bono
PAMJ. 2013; 16: 95. Published 12 November 2013

Bilateral asteroid hyalosis revealing a blood imbalance
Zouheir Hafidi, Rajae Daoudi
PAMJ. 2013; 16: 87. Published 09 November 2013

Melanosis coli: a rarity in digestive endoscopy
Ihsane Mellouki, Houda Meyiz
PAMJ. 2013; 16: 86. Published 09 November 2013

Rapid increase in breast volume in a 14-year old
Abakka Sanae , Ansari Chenguiti Anas
PAMJ. 2013; 16: 85. Published 08 November 2013

Maladie de Leo-Buerger faisant suite à une intoxication au cannabis
Amal Taghy, Badreddine Hassam
PAMJ. 2013; 16: 82. Published 06 November 2013

Métrorragies provoquées par une sangsue vivante dans le vagin
Sofia Jayi, My Abdelilah Melhouf
PAMJ. 2013; 16: 80. Published 05 November 2013

Une cataracte bilatérale révélatrice d’une hypo-parathyroïdie congénitale
Kamal Loutfi Nuiakh, Hicham Tahri
PAMJ. 2013; 16: 77. Published 04 November 2013

Bone lesion in Adult T Cell Lymphoma Leukemia
Zahra Mozaheb
PAMJ. 2013; 16: 76. Published 04 November 2013

Lens dislocation delaying the diagnosis of metastasis to the optic nerve
Cherkaoui Mandour, Mohammed Boucetta
PAMJ. 2013; 16: 66. Published 23 October 2013

Un lymphome épidural primitif révélé par un syndrome de la queue de cheval
Metoui Leila, Ajili Faida
PAMJ. 2013; 16: 64. Published 23 October 2013

Lupus bulleux généralisé: présentation initiale rare du lupus érythémateux systémique
Iman Hadj, Fatima Zahra Mernissi
PAMJ. 2013; 16: 56. Published 16 October 2013

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