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With more than 2000 images (and counting), the PAMJ Clinical Medicine is the largest, ever expanding collection of clinical images in Africa. Images are submitted by clinical practitioners around the world to share unique clinical features for knowledge sharing and medical practice and training. Images in clinical Medical are published and under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).
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Necrotizing pneumonia in intensive care unit
Rui Soares Correia
PAMJ. 2023; 45: 132. Published 19 July 2023

A 40-year-old female with III degree utero cervical descent
Dharti Khewale, Manjusha Mahakalkar
PAMJ. 2023; 45: 128. Published 17 July 2023

Ankle tuberculosis: an unusual presentation
Hardik Patel, Siddharth Patel
PAMJ. 2023; 45: 127. Published 17 July 2023

A propos d´un hémangiome cutané compliqué traité en ambulatoire
Hajar El Kouarty, Badr Sououd Benjelloun Dakhama
PAMJ. 2023; 45: 126. Published 14 July 2023

Post-COVID-19 related bleedings at unusual sites: add paravertebral hematomas to the list
Nikolaos Sabanis, Achilleas Betsikos
PAMJ. 2023; 45: 122. Published 13 July 2023

Case of hyperpigmentation due to excessive androgen in a child
Archana Thaware, Renu Rathi
PAMJ. 2023; 45: 118. Published 07 July 2023

A rare case of centre sparing corneal opacity with unilateral Reis-Buckler dystrophy
Ankit Gupta, Sachin Daigavane
PAMJ. 2023; 45: 91. Published 21 June 2023

Huge arachnoidal cyst with recent onset of seizure in an adult
Mohamed El Biadi, Salah Bellasri
PAMJ. 2023; 45: 84. Published 14 June 2023

Squamous cell carcinoma of the external ear
Xinrong Chen, Jiexia Qiu
PAMJ. 2023; 45: 83. Published 13 June 2023

Mediastinal lipomatosis in a patient with Bardet - Biedl syndrome: more diverse than previously thought
Eleni Paschou, Nikolaos Sabanis
PAMJ. 2023; 45: 82. Published 13 June 2023

Nevus of Ota in 8-year-old male
Srilekha Berelli, Sachin Daigavane
PAMJ. 2023; 45: 81. Published 09 June 2023

A rare case of meconium peritonitis in a neonate: a rare clinical image
Adithya Kiran, Yarraiahgari Maheshwara
PAMJ. 2023; 45: 65. Published 29 May 2023

Multiple huge liver hydatid cysts in a child
Takwa Mili, Yosra Ben Ahmed
PAMJ. 2023; 45: 62. Published 26 May 2023

Gastrointestinal tuberculosis: clinical image
Vikas Raghuvanshi, Vishal Balchand Padwale
PAMJ. 2023; 45: 60. Published 25 May 2023

Meckel´s diverticulum presenting as acute abdomen
Kiran Mastud, Yashwant Lamture
PAMJ. 2023; 45: 54. Published 23 May 2023

Volume 45 (May - Aug 2023)
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