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With more than 2000 images (and counting), the PAMJ Clinical Medicine is the largest, ever expanding collection of clinical images in Africa. Images are submitted by clinical practitioners around the world to share unique clinical features for knowledge sharing and medical practice and training. Images in clinical Medical are published and under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).
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Osteochondroma of rib
Prateek Upadhyay
PAMJ. 2022; 42: 59. Published 23 May 2022

MRI of Joubert syndrome associated with Dandy-Walker malformation: pathognomonic imaging
Jihane Habi, Mohamed Mahi
PAMJ. 2022; 42: 55. Published 19 May 2022

Scrotal calcinosis: a rare clinical image
Anjali Alone, Mayur Bhaskar Wanjari
PAMJ. 2022; 42: 53. Published 18 May 2022

Myelinated retinal nerve fiber layer: an extensive presentation
Zeineb Kallel, Malek Kharrat
PAMJ. 2022; 42: 51. Published 18 May 2022

Monomelic amyotrophy: a rare disease with unusual features (Hirayama disease)
Chaitanya Kulkarni, Waqar Mohsin Naqvi
PAMJ. 2022; 42: 48. Published 18 May 2022

A rare complication in adult undergoing chemotherapy for lung carcinoma: external jugular vein thrombophlebitis
Yash Mohan Jakhotia, Avinash Parshuram Dhok
PAMJ. 2022; 42: 44. Published 17 May 2022

Internal carotid artery occlusion mimicking artery of Heubner stroke
Jamir Pitton Rissardo, Ana Letícia Fornari Caprara
PAMJ. 2022; 42: 43. Published 16 May 2022

Gallstone ileus: an unusual cause of mechanical intestinal obstruction in an elderly woman
Tarik Souiki, Khalid Mazaz
PAMJ. 2022; 42: 40. Published 16 May 2022

Discovery of a giant pulmonary hydatid cyst on thoracic deformation in a child
Hind Cherrabi, Mohamed Amine Oukhouya
PAMJ. 2022; 42: 39. Published 16 May 2022

Inflammatory fibroid polyp causing ileo-ileal intussusception
Tarik Souiki, Khalid Mazaz
PAMJ. 2022; 42: 36. Published 16 May 2022

The putty kidney: a classic sign from past in genitourinary radiology
Savas Deftereos, Soultana Foutzitzi
PAMJ. 2022; 42: 16. Published 09 May 2022

Clofazimine induced pigmentation in leprosy patches
Samiksha Deepak Chavhan, Sugat Jawade
PAMJ. 2022; 42: 14. Published 09 May 2022

Anencephaly: a rare clinical image
Mayur Bhaskar Wanjari, Tejaswee Lohakare
PAMJ. 2022; 42: 11. Published 06 May 2022

Prenatal diagnosis and pregnancy outcome of acardiac amorphus twin
Mahdi Farhati, Abir Karoui
PAMJ. 2022; 42: 5. Published 05 May 2022

Cataracte post traumatique rompue négligée
Loubna El Kaissoumi, Basma Mrini
PAMJ. 2022; 42: 3. Published 04 May 2022

Volume 43 (Sep - Dec 2022)
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