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With more than 2000 images (and counting), the PAMJ Clinical Medicine is the largest, ever expanding collection of clinical images in Africa. Images are submitted by clinical practitioners around the world to share unique clinical features for knowledge sharing and medical practice and training. Images in clinical Medical are published and under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).
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Cancer du sein chez l’homme: le dermatologue à quoi dire
Inssaf Ramli, Nadia Ismaili
PAMJ. 2015; 21: 63. Published 28 May 2015

Papulo-nodules cutanés révélant un lymphome anaplasique systémique à grandes cellules
Inssaf Ramli, Badredine Hassam
PAMJ. 2015; 21: 57. Published 25 May 2015

Carcinome épidermoïde vulvaire : pourquoi surveiller unlichen scléro-atrophique
Inssaf Ramli, Badredine Hassam
PAMJ. 2015; 21: 48. Published 22 May 2015

Lingual botryomycoma in the aftermath of Stevens-Johnson syndrome
Houyam Moundib, Fouzia Hali
PAMJ. 2015; 21: 35. Published 18 May 2015

Syndrome de Melkersson-rosenthal: une entité rare à ne pas méconnaitre
Rim Klii, Wafa Chebbi
PAMJ. 2015; 21: 33. Published 18 May 2015

Hernie diaphragmatique étranglée: un piège à ne pas méconnaître
Ammar Mahmoudi, Randa Salem
PAMJ. 2015; 21: 27. Published 13 May 2015

Torticolis de l’enfant révélant une tumeur médullaire
Sonia Jemni, Samia Frioui
PAMJ. 2015; 21: 26. Published 12 May 2015

Tuberculose multifocale chez un immunocompétent
Sanaa Krich, Fatima Zahra Mernissi
PAMJ. 2015; 21: 22. Published 08 May 2015

L’épisclérite nodulaire: une manifestation inaugurale inhabituelle de la maladie de Horton
Rim Klii, Wafa Chebbi
PAMJ. 2015; 21: 20. Published 08 May 2015

A rare case of sporadic multiple trichoepitheliomas
Krich Sanaa, Mernissi Fatima Zahra
PAMJ. 2015; 21: 19. Published 08 May 2015

Tuméfaction indolore du pied chez le diabétique: penser au pied de Charcot
Imène Boukhris, Ines Kechaou
PAMJ. 2015; 21: 15. Published 07 May 2015

Skin metastasis of lung carcinoma
Krich Sanaa, Mernissi Fatima Zahra
PAMJ. 2015; 21: 13. Published 07 May 2015

Un aspect très rare d’une grossesse extra utérine rompue
Sarah Amourak, Mariam Tayae
PAMJ. 2015; 21: 12. Published 06 May 2015

Une variante rare de la fracture de Monteggia chez un adulte
Redouane Ouakrim, Mohamed Saleh Berrada
PAMJ. 2015; 21: 8. Published 05 May 2015

Syndrome des antisynthétases compliqué d’une myocardite sévère
Madiha Mahfoudhi, Amel Gaieb Battikh
PAMJ. 2015; 21: 4. Published 04 May 2015

Volume 36 (May - Aug 2020)
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