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With more than 2000 images (and counting), the PAMJ Clinical Medicine is the largest, ever expanding collection of clinical images in Africa. Images are submitted by clinical practitioners around the world to share unique clinical features for knowledge sharing and medical practice and training. Images in clinical Medical are published and under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).
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Hydronéphrose géante bilatérale sur syndrome de jonction pyelo-ureterale
Anouar El Ghazoui, Othmane Yddoussalah
PAMJ. 2016; 23: 82. Published 11 March 2016

Hydroa vacciniforme on a dark skin with mucosal involvement
Kelati Awatef, Mernissi Fatima Zahra
PAMJ. 2016; 23: 71. Published 09 March 2016

Fundus albipunctatus
Rajaa Elhannati, Hicham Tahri
PAMJ. 2016; 23: 61. Published 29 February 2016

The benefit of preventing exposure keratopathy in icu patient: a case report
Adil Belmokhtar, Rajae Daoudi
PAMJ. 2016; 23: 59. Published 29 February 2016

Massive subcutaneous emphysema after traumatic pneumothorax
Adriá Rosat, Pilar Gómez
PAMJ. 2016; 23: 56. Published 29 February 2016

Tracheal rupture after misplacement of Sengstaken-Blakemore tube
Adriá Rosat, Emilio Martín
PAMJ. 2016; 23: 55. Published 29 February 2016

Laugier-Hunziker syndrome
Amir Feily, Reza Sahraei
PAMJ. 2016; 23: 54. Published 29 February 2016

A child that presents with an acute limp: Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease
Kamran Khan
PAMJ. 2016; 23: 51. Published 22 February 2016

Recurrent spontaneous pneumothorax in young woman: catamenial pneumothorax
Adriá Rosat, Jorge Herrero
PAMJ. 2016; 23: 44. Published 18 February 2016

Enorme tuméfaction mammaire bilatérale révélant une leucémie aigue (à propos d’un cas)
Lamiae Boutkhil, Moulay Abdelilah Melhouf
PAMJ. 2016; 23: 41. Published 12 February 2016

Anévrismes intracrâniens multiples
Rachid Ammor, Assou Ajja
PAMJ. 2016; 23: 36. Published 09 February 2016

Brain metastasis from male breast cancer treated 12 years ago
Tariq Namad, Rachid Ammor
PAMJ. 2016; 23: 31. Published 06 February 2016

Luxation radio carpienne ouverte pure: à propos d’un cas
Adil El Alaoui, Mouhcine Sbiyaa
PAMJ. 2016; 23: 23. Published 01 February 2016

Luxation tibio-astragalienne pure chez un jeune sportif
Mohamed Amine Karabila, Mohamed Kharmaz
PAMJ. 2016; 23: 17. Published 26 January 2016

Volume 36 (May - Aug 2020)
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