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We believe that scientific work done in Africa should be rapidly and freely made available to all researchers worldwide. Aim: To create, stimulate and perpetuate a culture of information sharing and publishing amongst researchers and other health actors of the African health scene in ways that will contribute to availability of health information, better understanding of Africa specificities and overall, to improve health outcomes of the people on the continent. Scope: We publish original scientific research on clinical, public health, social, political, economic and all other factors affecting the health of populations in Africa.

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HIV prevalence and associated factors among married women, Mozambique, 2015: analysis of the 2015 National AIDS Indicator Survey (IMASIDA) (Research)
Samuel Nuvunga, Denise Chitsondzo Langa, Jahit Sacarlal, Erika Rossetto, Cynthia Semá Baltazar
PAMJ. 47(94). 28 Feb 2024
Essential thrombocythemia: management nutritional in weight loss and malnutrition (Commentary)
Isabela de Souza da Costa Brum, Julia Goncalves, Mariana Zanchetta, Bruna Xerém, Renata Lanziani, Marcia Haiut, Masato Hada, Alexandre Gustavo Apa, Karen Cordovil
PAMJ. 47(93). 28 Feb 2024
Acquired methemoglobinemia induced by indoxacarb poisoning: a case report (Case report)
Dhouha Ben Braiek, Rania Hidri, Chaima Kaabi, Hend Zorgati, Imen Mighri, Rahma Ben Jazia, Ameni Kacem, Jihene Ayachi
PAMJ. 47(92). 27 Feb 2024
Assessment of knowledge and self-efficacy among health professionals and clinical scientists following the Cameroon HIV/AIDS Research Forum (CAM-HERO 2022) research methodology and bioethics training (Workshop report)
Peter Vanes Ebasone, Appolinaire Tiam, Patrice Tchendjou, Merveille Foaleng, Eveline Mboh Khan, Rogers Ajeh, Boris Tchounga, Emile Nforbih Shu, Gabriel Mabou, Johney Melpsa, Pius Tih Muffih, Andre Pascal Kengne, Anne Cecile Zoung-Kany Bisseck, Anastase Dzudie, Friedrich Thienemann
PAMJ. 47(91). 27 Feb 2024
Prévalence et facteurs prédicteurs des troubles post-traumatiques chez les accidentés de la voie publique (Research)
Rim Feki, Lobna Zouari, Yosra Majdoub, Sana Omri, Imen Gassara, Najeh Smaoui, Manel Maalej Bouali, Jihene Ben Thabet, Nada Charfi, Mohamed Maalej
PAMJ. 47(89). 26 Feb 2024
Une cause rare d´hypercorticisme: un phéochromocytome sécrétant l´ACTH (à propos d´un cas) (Case report)
Kaoutar Rifai, Fatima Toulali, Hinde Iraqi, Meryeme Ettaik, Mohamed El Hassan Gharbi
PAMJ. 47(88). 26 Feb 2024
Evaluation d´une formation en sécurité transfusionnelle auprès des étudiants en médecine au Maroc (Research)
Ouadii Abakarim, Fatima Ezzahra Lahlimi, Illias Tazi
PAMJ. 47(84). 26 Feb 2024
Etude rétrospective sur 60 cas de rupture utérine du centre de maternité de Monastir,Tunisie (Case series)
Imen Ben Farhat, Olfa Zoukar, Malek Mdimegh, Wiem Ben Slamia, Amina Mnajja, Haifa Bergaoui, Ahmed Hajji, Mouna Gara, Dhekra Toumi, Raja Faleh
PAMJ. 47(83). 26 Feb 2024
Tackling the non-communicable disease epidemic: a framework for policy action in low- and middle-income countries (Perspectives)
Mark Fordjour Owusu, Joseph Adu, Sebastian Gyamfi, Ebenezer Martin-Yeboah, Benjamin Ansah Dortey
PAMJ. 47(82). 26 Feb 2024



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