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We believe that scientific work done in Africa should be rapidly and freely made available to all researchers worldwide. Aim: To create, stimulate and perpetuate a culture of information sharing and publishing amongst researchers and other health actors of the African health scene in ways that will contribute to availability of health information, better understanding of Africa specificities and overall, to improve health outcomes of the people on the continent. Scope: We publish original scientific research on clinical, public health, social, political, economic and all other factors affecting the health of populations in Africa.

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Cross cultural adaptation and reliability of patient asthma knowledge questionnaire in the regional indian language marathi: a cross-sectional study (Research)
Vishakha Sitaram Nalage, Varoon Chandramohan Jaiswal, Deepika Sohan Burman, Ramya Anand Shetty, Akanksha Amarsingh Chauhan, Amruta Devendra Acharekar
PAMJ. 48(124). 22 Jul 2024
Schizophrenia and medication adherence among population in Morocco: a cross-sectional study at University Psychiatric Center of Casablanca (Research)
Imane Salihi, Nadia Attouche, Gladys Tsoumbou Bakana, Samira Nani, Mohamed Agoub, Khadija Mchichi Alami
PAMJ. 48(123). 22 Jul 2024
Low completion rate for the 6-months course of isoniazid preventive therapy among people living with HIV, North Eastern Uganda, 2015-2017 (Research)
Daniel Eurien, Denis Okethwangu, Dativa Maria Aliddeki, Esther Kisaakye, Joy Nguna, Lilian Bulage, Shaaban Mugerwa, Alex Riolexus Ario
PAMJ. 48(122). 19 Jul 2024
Acute suppurative thyroiditis in a child with congenital third/fourth branchial arch anomaly: a case report (Case report)
Theodora Dermitzaki, Dimitra Liva, Ioanna Tritou, Ioannis Markakis, Maria Kokkinaki
PAMJ. 48(120). 19 Jul 2024
The impact of the Khartoum war on dental education (Essay)
Nada Tawfig Hashim, Vivek Padmanabhan, Mariam Elhadi Elsheikh, Bakri Gobara Gismalla, Mohammed Mustahsen Rehman
PAMJ. 48(119). 19 Jul 2024
Exploring the relationship between Plasmodium falciparum genetic diversity and antimalarial drugs resistance markers in a malaria-endemic region of Burkina Faso (Research)
Moustapha Nikiema, Issiaka Soulama, Charles Quaye, Hamidou Ilboudo, Seni Nikiema, Justine Kabore, Clarisse Dah, Ali Sie, Athanase Badolo, Awa Gneme
PAMJ. 48(118). 18 Jul 2024
Effectiveness of a community-based health education intervention on prostate cancer fatalism: a quasi-experimental study (Research)
Ruth Gathoni Mbugua, Simon Karanja, Sherry Oluchina
PAMJ. 48(117). 18 Jul 2024
A challenging case of a multiple large stones in enterocystoplasty: a case report (Case report)
Youssef Kadouri, Jihad Lakssir, Adam Elaboudi, Hachem El Sayegh, Yassine Nouini
PAMJ. 48(116). 18 Jul 2024
Factors associated with colostrum feeding practice among mothers who attended child immunization clinic in Dire Dawa administrative city, Eastern Ethiopia (Research)
Natnael Dechasa Gemeda, Firehiwot Mengistu, Fentahun Alemnew Chekole, Wondu Feyisa Balcha, Kebede Feyisa Adugna, Getachew Andualem Belete
PAMJ. 48(115). 18 Jul 2024
Etude de la morbidité et de la mortalité chez les patients hospitalisés vaccinés versus les patients hospitalisés non vaccinés contre la COVID-19 dans trois régions du Cameroun (Research)
Jean Yves Bevela, Serges Billong, Yacouba Mapoure Njankouo, Ingrid Kenko, Georges Bonsou
PAMJ. 48(114). 18 Jul 2024



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