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We believe that scientific work done in Africa should be rapidly and freely made available to all researchers worldwide. Aim: To create, stimulate and perpetuate a culture of information sharing and publishing amongst researchers and other health actors of the African health scene in ways that will contribute to availability of health information, better understanding of Africa specificities and overall, to improve health outcomes of the people on the continent. Scope: We publish original scientific research on clinical, public health, social, political, economic and all other factors affecting the health of populations in Africa.

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Profil épidémiologique et clinique des consommateurs de cannabis au centre de soins d´accompagnement et de prévention en addictologie de l´Hôpital Laquintinie de Douala, Cameroun (Short communication)
Hugo Hermann Divahe Bohongwe, Christian Eyoum, Jonas Guy Atchou Basseguin, Anne Mbong Andong, Lydie Foko Mamguem, Pechel Dongmo, Erero Njiengwe, Laurent Karila
PAMJ. 44(143). 22 Mar 2023
Factors associated with COVID-19 fatality among patients admitted in Mashonaland West Province, Zimbabwe 2020-2022: a secondary data analysis (Research)
Kudzai Madamombe, Gerald Shambira, Gift Masoja, Tapiwa Dhliwayo, Tsitsi Patience Juru, Notion Tafara Gombe, Addmore Chadambuka, Mujinga Karakadzai, Mufuta Tshimanga
PAMJ. 44(142). 21 Mar 2023
Surgical excision of peripheral giant cell granuloma of the maxilla: a case report (Case report)
Narjiss Akerzoul, Babacar Touré
PAMJ. 44(141). 20 Mar 2023
Giant lumbar schwannoma with retroperitoneal extension and vertebral body invasion: a case report (Case report)
Angky Saputra, Joshua Sutikno, Raka Janitra, Erliano Sufarnap Centery, Roslan Yusni Hasan, Satyanegara, Harviandi Sumarsudi, Franky Yesaya Siahaan, Komaruddin Boenjamin
PAMJ. 44(140). 17 Mar 2023
Profile of gynecological cancers in a tertiary hospital, Eastern Nigeria (Research)
Emily Akuabia Nzeribe, Nathan Azubuike Ododo, Precious Okechukwu Eteike
PAMJ. 44(139). 17 Mar 2023
Evaluating the effects of an intervention to improve the health environment for mothers and children in health centres (BECEYA) in Mali: a qualitative study (Research)
Patrice Ngangue, Katherine Robert, Birama Apho Ly, Fatoumata Traoré, Leonel Philibert, Maude Vezina, Nestor Bationo
PAMJ. 44(138). 17 Mar 2023
Socioecological analysis of determinants of early adolescent sexuality in Benin: a qualitative study (Research)
Bankole Murielle Sonia, Ngangue Patrice, Bationo Nestor, Soubeiga Dieudonné, Ahounou Adnette, Leonel Philibe, Birama Apho Ly
PAMJ. 44(137). 17 Mar 2023
Unilateral proptosis as a neglected case of sphenoid wing meningioma: a case report and healthcare challenges in rural Indonesia (Case report)
Ivana Beatrice Alberta, Robert Shen, Mardjono Tjahjadi
PAMJ. 44(136). 17 Mar 2023
Les urgences urologiques dans deux hôpitaux universitaires de Douala: une étude rétrospective (2016-2020) (Research)
Frantz Guy Epoupa Ngalle, Landry Oriole Mbouche, Axel Stephane Nwaha Makon, Jean Cedrick Fouda, Junior Barthelemy Mekeme Mekeme, Armel Quentin Essomba, Jean-Jacques Nwatchap, Edouard Herve Moby Mpah
PAMJ. 44(135). 16 Mar 2023
Efficacy of resveratrol in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials (Review)
Hammad Ali Fadlalmola, Amal Mohammed Elhusein, Khaled Mohammed Al-Sayaghi, Muayad Saud Albadrani, Duggahatti Veerabhadra Swamy, Daniel Mon Mamanao, Ehab Ibrahim El-Amin, Salma Elhadi Ibrahim, Siddiqa Mohammed Abbas
PAMJ. 44(134). 16 Mar 2023



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