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Mahdi Bouassida, Bilel Feidi, Mechaal Ben Ali, Mohamed Fadhel Chtourou, Marouene Krifa, Selim Sassi, Fathi Chebbi, Mohamed Mongi Mighri, Hassen Touinsi, Sadok Sassi
Intussusception caused by an inverted Meckel diverticulum: a rare cause of small bowel obstruction in adults.
Pan African Medical Journal. 2011; 10:57. Published online on 18 Dec 11. [HTML - PDF]

Mahdi Bouassida, Mechaal Benali, Hédi Charrada, Mossaab Ghannouchi, Fathi Chebbi, Mohamed Mongi Mighri, Mohamed Msaddak Azzouz, Hassen Touinsi, Sadok Sassi
Gastrointestinal bleeding due to an erosion of the superior mesenteric artery: an exceptional fatal complication of pancreatic pseudocyst.
Pan African Medical Journal. 2012; 12:62. Published online on 04 Jul 12. [HTML - PDF]

Khattala Khalid, Tenorkorang Snr Somuah, Elmadi Aziz, Rami Mohamed, Bouabdallah Youssef
Primary omental torsion in children: case report.
Pan African Medical Journal. 2013; 14:57. Published online on 11 Feb 13. [HTML - PDF]

Bolajoko O Olusanya
Full-term newborns with normal birthweight requiring special care in a resource-constrained setting.
Pan African Medical Journal. 2013; 15:36. Published online on 29 May 13. [HTML - PDF]

Florent Ymele Fouelifack, Jovanny Tsuala Fouogue, John Owoudou Messi, Danielle Tiako Kamga, Jeanne Hortence Fouedjio, Zacharie Sando
Spontaneous second-trimester ruptured pregnancy of rudimentary horn: a case report in Yaounde, Cameroon.
Pan African Medical Journal. 2014; 18:86. Published online on 26 May 14. [HTML - PDF]