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Francisca Monebenimp, Tenefopa Makudjou, Valere Mve Koh, Innocent Kago
Competence of health care providers on care of newborns at birth in a level-1 health facility in Yaoundé, Cameroon.
Pan African Medical Journal. 2012; 11:45. Published online on 14 Mar 12. [HTML - PDF]

Sameh Seef, Anders Jeppsson
Is it a policy crisis or it is a health crisis? The Egyptian context - Analysis of the Egyptian health policy for the H1N1 flu pandemic control.
Pan African Medical Journal. 2013; 14:59. Published online on 12 Feb 13. [HTML - PDF]

Benjamin William Kelemen, Andrew John Haig, Siera Goodnight, Gifty Nyante
The nature and prevalence of disability in a Ghanaian community as measured by the Language Independent Functional Evaluation.
Pan African Medical Journal. 2013; 14:103. Published online on 15 Mar 13. [HTML - PDF]

Chigozie Jesse Uneke, Abel Ebeh Ezeoha, Chinwendu Daniel Ndukwe, Patrick Gold Oyibo, Friday Onwe, Bhupinder Kaur Aulakh
Research priority setting for health policy and health systems strengthening in Nigeria: the policymakers’ and stakeholders’ perspective and involvement.
Pan African Medical Journal. 2013; 16:10. Published online on 12 Sep 13. [HTML - PDF]

Olusesan Ayodeji Makinde, Brandon Brown, Olalekan Olaleye
Medical tourism and the code of medical ethics on advertisement in Nigeria.
Pan African Medical Journal. 2014; 19:103. Published online on 29 Sep 14. [HTML - PDF]

Juliet Nabyonga Orem, David Kaawa Mafigiri, Harriet Nabudere, Bart Criel
Improving knowledge translation in Uganda: more needs to be done.
Pan African Medical Journal. 2014; 17 (Supp 1):14. Published online on 18 Jan 14. [HTML - PDF]