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Charles Shey Wiysonge, Zainab Waggie, Anthony Hawkridge, Barry Schoub, Shabir Ahmed Madhi, Helen Rees, Gregory Hussey
Advocating for efforts to protect African children, families, and communities from the threat of infectious diseases: report of the First International African Vaccinology Conference.
Pan African Medical Journal. 2016; 23:53. Published online on 29 Feb 16. [HTML - PDF]

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Health worker attrition at a rural district hospital in Rwanda: a need for improved placement and retention strategies.
Pan African Medical Journal. 2017; 27:168. Published online on 04 Jul 17. [HTML - PDF]

Lynn Barbara Edwards, Linda Estelle Greeff
Exploring grassroots feedback about cancer challenges in South Africa: a discussion of themes derived from content thematic analysis of 316 photo-narratives.
Pan African Medical Journal. 2017; 28:173. Published online on 25 Oct 17. [HTML - PDF]

Yohannes Ababu, Fiona Braka, Aschalew Teka, Kinde Getachew, Tefera Tadesse, Yohannes Michael, Zewdie Birhanu, Peter Nsubuga, Tersit Assefa, Kathleen Gallagher
Behavioral determinants of immunization service utilization in Ethiopia: a cross-sectional community-based survey.
Pan African Medical Journal. 2017; 27 (Supp 2):2. Published online on 09 Jun 17. [HTML - PDF]