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E-Learning and North-South collaboration: the experience of two public health schools in France and Benin.
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Setting-up nurse-led pilot clinics for the management of non-communicable diseases at primary health care level in resource-limited settings of Africa.
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The African Teledermatology Project: Providing access to dermatologic care and education in sub-Saharan Africa.
Pan African Medical Journal. 2009; 3:16. Published online on 18 Nov 09. [HTML - PDF]

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Health related quality of life among adolescents with sickle cell disease in Saudi Arabia.
Pan African Medical Journal. 2011; 8:10. Published online on 15 Feb 11. [HTML - PDF]

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Maladie de hodgkin et cancer colique secondaire: à propos d’un cas.
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Ethical considerations in the conduct of research on therapies for the prevention and treatment of Ebola virus disease in developing countries.
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