Article abstract

Parotid tuberculosis remains a very rare localization in the Department of Otolaryngology and Cervico-Facial Surgery (ENT) sphere. It is presented in the form of a deceptive clinical picture causing confusion with other pathologies of the parotid gland, including tumor pathology. In addition, its lack of knowledge by practitioners increases the risk of missing the diagnosis. Often, the diagnosis is a histological surprise on a piece of excision after an exploratory parotidectomy. However, its treatment is primarily medical if the positive diagnosis is well established. We report medical observation of two new cases aged 44 and 45 respectively, who consult our center for parotid swelling. Radiological examinations were in favor of intraparotid cystic lesions. Both patients benefited from an excision whose histopathological study was in favor of primary parotid tuberculosis. The subsequent evolution was favorable under antituberculous treatment.