Article abstract

Introduction: professional ethics is an important issue in every organization. This study was designed to define compliance level to professional codes of ethics and some of its related factors in midwives working at healthcare centers.


Methods: this cross sectional study was conducted in 2013 Tehran Iran. 125 midwives from the governmental healthcare centers of Tehran were selected through stratified quota sampling method. Data gathering tool was a self-reporting questionnaire which included: demographic characteristics, Iranian version of ethical codes of reproductive health providers, applicability of these ethical codes and awareness about the professional codes of ethical. Data analysis was conducted using SPSS v.16. p level at 0.05.


Results: compliance to the professional ethical codes were directly correlated to the income level of the midwives, the applicability of the codes and the midwives' awareness about them.


Conclusion: it is necessary to pay attention to professional ethics and its teaching as such. It is also important to monitor compliance to the ethical codes. Moreover, living conditions of the midwives should be one of the priorities to enhance their performance.