Article abstract

Introduction: Buruli ulcer (BU) is a highly ranked neglected tropical disease (NTD) of global health importance with increasing incidence in sub-Saharan Africa yet there is paucity of information on the epidemiology of BU in Nigeria. Incidentally, highly BU endemic Benin Republic shares proximity with Nigeria. This study was carried out to establish presence of BU and ascertain the level of BU perception among rural populace in Ogun State, south-west Nigeria.


Methods: secondary data (2009-2012) on incidence of BU was collected from a reference hospital. A cross-sectional survey using structured questionnaire administered to rural people and healthcare practitioners was conducted in three purposively chosen Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Ogun State based on unpublished reports of BU presence.


Results: data collected revealed 27 hospital confirmed BU cases between 2009-2012 across four LGAs (Obafemi Owode, Abeokuta North, Yewa North and Yewa South) while 14%(21/150) chronic ulcers (suspected to be BU) were discovered during the cross-sectional survey carried out in Odeda, Yewa South and North LGAs. Healthcare practitioners 63.6% (42/66) and 54.7% (82/150) rural people demonstrated poor level of BU perception respectively.


Conclusion: this study provides evidence that BU exists in Ogun State and evaluates the poor perception that the affected rural populace has on the disease. This pilot study presents baseline information on BU in a rural setting in Ogun State South-west Nigeria hence the vital need for prompt public health involvement and further research on the epidemiology of BU.