Article abstract

Prenatal diagnosis, care and management are involved in mortality and morbidity of every country. A high prevalence is estimated in Africa. We use bibliometrics and mapping tools to explore the area studies and countries involved in scientific research on prenatal diagnosis, care and management in Africa. We used two databases: Web of Science and Pubmed. We extracted sets of data as publication years, organizations, funding agencies, countries from Web of Science core collection database and Medical Subject Headings from Pubmed database. We mapped the data using VOSviewer. We performed keyword analysis. We accessed 463 articles published between 1956 and 2015 in Web of Science Core collection Database and 3372 from Pubmed database. The majority of which were after 2004. The main countries involved in research on prenatal field in Africa were the USA, the United Kingdom, France and South Africa. Two main keywords are relevant: fetal alcohol syndrome and HIV. Prenatal diagnosis, care and management are leaded by South Africa. Some new countries are merging such as Rwanda. The main fields are fetal alcohol syndrome and HIV. It is funded by NIH but also Cape Town University.