Article abstract

Introduction: access to laparoscopy is low in Cameroon where customers' satisfaction has not been reported so far. We assessed patients' satisfaction with the process of care during laparoscopic surgery in a new tertiary hospital.


Methods: a questionnaire was addressed to consenting patients (guardians for patients under 18) with complete medical records who underwent laparoscopy at the Douala Gynaeco-Obstetric and Paediatric Hospital (Cameroon) from November 1, 2015 to July 31, 2016. The following modified Likert's scale was used to assess satisfaction: very weak: 0-2.5; weak 2.6-5; good: 5.1-7.5; very good: 7.6-10. Only descriptive statistics were used.


Results: response rate was 90% (45/50). Of the 45 respondents, 39 (86.7%) were female, 14 (31.1%) were referred and 39 (86.7%) paid by direct cash deposit. Mean age was 36.811.9 years. Laparoscopies were carried out in emergency for 3 (6.7%) patients. Digestive abnormalities indicated 13 (28.9%) laparoscopies while gynaecologic diseases accounted for 32 (71.1%) cases. Perception of the overallcare process was good with a mean satisfaction score of 6.8 1.4. Scores in categories were: 0% (Very weak); 13.3% (weak); 57.8% (Good) and 28.9% (very good). Specifically, mean satisfaction scores were: 7.8 1.0 with doctors' care; 7.1 1.3 with hospital administration; 7.0 1.2 with nursing and 4.7 1.4 with the costs. Main complaints were: long waiting time (73.3%), constraining geographical access (66.7%) and expensiveness (48.9%).


Conclusion: patients were globally satisfied with the process of care but financial and geographical barriers should be addressed.