Article abstract

Introduction: in spite of free caesarean section applied in Benin since 2009, high rates of stillborn babies continue to be recorded. This study aimed to determine the factors associated with post-caesarean stillborn in Benin.


Methods: cross-sectional study that covered all women who have delivered by caesarean from December 2013 to February 2014 in twelve hospitals chosen by simple random selection in each of the twelve departments of Benin. Data collected by chart review have been analyzed using the statistical software Epi info 3.5.1. Univariate analysis and multivariable logistic regression were used to identify factors associated with post-caesarean stillbirth at the significance threshold of 5%.


Results: there were 66 stillborn per 1,000 births of which 58% died before admission to hospital. The risk factors identified were the reference (p = 0.0011), general anesthesia (p = 0.0371), the low birth weight (p = 0.0001), the retro-placental hematoma (p = 0.0083), and the umbilical cord prolapse (p = 0.0229). Acute fetal distress (p = 0.0308) and anesthesia administered by an anesthetist nurse or midwife (p = 0.0337) were protective factors.


Conclusion: the majority of cases, in utero death occurred before admission to hospital. Strengthening antenatal refocused consultation, a better access to quality obstetric care and the grant of all obstetric care could reduce stillbirths from caesarean sections in Benin.